Ethical F&I Managers Conference


The agenda for EFI Con 2020 will be announced when details are finalized. See below for last year's agenda and to get an idea of the topics addressed. 

April 23, 2019 

7:30-8:30 Breakfast and registration

8:30-9:00 Welcome to EFI Con 2019 with Tony D!

9:00-9:50 Rick McCormick: "Navigating Disruptive Change with 20/20 Vision"

Complacency in a time of rapid, disruptive change can be devastating–not only for dealerships,
but for the careers and skills of those who work there! We must abandon the thinking that has
had many tethered firmly to the past and shift the focus to the future, with enthusiasm and

10:00-10:50 Justin Gasman: "Who's Hungry and Needs a Hot Dog?"

Being prepared in the F&I office goes well beyond ensuring all the documents are present and everything is loaded in the system. It takes a higher level of preparedness. The “King of Bing” will be charming conference attendees with his highly effective and proven steps in preparing for every customer. Justin’s personal approach has elevated him to one of the top F&I managers in the industry - his methods make it easy for the F&I manager and, more importantly, for the customer. It's easy - easy as a hot dog. 

11-11:50 Kelly Mulroney: "Paving the Road to a Better F&I Experience"

Customers want dealers to improve the car-buying process and align to other retail experiences they’re used to. F&I workflow improvements can give customers the experience they seek and help boost efficiency and profit for dealerships at the same time. In this session, we'll talk about the solutions paving the way for dealerships to provide their customers the best F&I experience and streamline the overall purchasing process.

Lunch Sponsored by ArmorAll Dealer Products 

1-1:50 Mark Trahan: "The Byproduct of Being Ethical"

People hate to be sold, but they love to be educated! This session will instruct you how to stop selling and start educating your customers using logic, ethical sales tools, and transitional word tracks that make sense. We’ll show you how to promote your appearance program the right way and harness “the byproduct of being ethical.”

2-2:30 Walt Dobrowski: "Increasing F&I Product Sales with the DiSC Profile"

In this interactive workshop, you will be discovering the four different personality types of customers who walk into your office. We know that mirroring your customers is one of the most effective selling tools because your customers respond more when they know you "get" them. We can also detect and address your customers' buying habits. Understanding who your customers are and what they want is imperative to increasing your effectiveness in the finance office.

2:30-3:00 Shannon Robertson with AFIP: "Compliance - What Do We Do Now?"

Common compliance pitfalls, cutting corners, and personal integrity - Shannon will be discussing the overall impact to the dealership, the individual, and the customer when you let standards fall.

3:00-3:30 Bob Lettis: "How Soft-Pull Credit Data Speeds the Sales Process and Increases

F&I Profits"

The secret to all retail sales is creating a happy and satisfying environment, and consumers have been telling auto dealers for years that they are unhappy with the current brick and mortar experience. In this session,
700Credit will review how the soft-pull live credit data speeds the sales process with more accuracy and a higher closing ratio. This delivers a happier and more refreshed customer to the F&I office, with a higher
propensity to purchase. We will also discuss how this model protects the F&I agents' and dealers' brick and mortar business from the online digital processes that are becoming increasingly more popular. Creating a consumer-friendly, in-store model not only protects a dealer's auto sales, but F&I sales, as well.

3:30-3:55     Rod Tobiason "Matching Smaller Payments to Customers' Paydays Increases PVR"  

4:00-5:30 Game Show: So You Think You Can Do F&I? Brought to you by Dealertrack

This game show will challenge the best of F&I managers with F&I trivia, compliance, and best practices. After the interactive multiple choice rounds, which can be played by everyone simply by using their mobile device, the top players will be invited onto the stage for a live presentation and objection handling showdown. The winners will be determined by an expert panel of judges, and the top 3 will leave with cash prizes:

1st Place: $2,500
2nd Place: $1,500
3rd Place: $1,000

5:00-7:00 Reception with Supporters sponsored by The Academy

Stick around after the game show to enjoy an open bar and hors d'oeuvres with conference supporters and fellow attendees. This is a great opportunity to go beyond the presentations and dive deep into conversation with the best in F&I.  Meet new colleagues, make new friends, and enhance your overall conference experience with the "who's who" in F&I. 

7:00-10:00 Mix & Mingle event, hosted by Sip, "your new favorite restaurant and lounge" in downtown Denver, next door to the conference hotel.

April 24, 2019

8:30 am Breakfast with GP Anderson, bringing "A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E" in F&I

Usher in the 2019 sales season with a high energy session designed to challenge, educate, and empower you to bring your A-game daily! GP will offer game-changing strategies that empower you and your sales teams, increase CSI, and augment profitability.

9-9:50 George Benzing: "The Importance of Mentoring the Sales Team"

Developing the most efficient and profitable F&I department requires that F&I directors and managers be effective leaders and mentors to the sales team. How much of an impact could the sales team have on customer experience by preparing the deals properly? This session will focus on strategies and
techniques for mentoring to the sales team in order to create the most cohesive and most profitable variable ops departments.

10-10:50 Adam Marburger: "Let's Change the Conversation"

Adam will be sharing his proven techniques on what he calls "exit strategy." The focus of this presentation is learning how to combat the “hard no” and increasing service contract sales on cash transactions. 

11-11:15 Kimberly Skaggs: "The Path from F&I to Title Clerk"

This session will focus on the relationship between F&I and the title clerk’s office, and the importance of the transfer of documents. You will learn new methods that ensure a smooth transition of paperwork from F&I to the title clerk and improve the process of properly passing along essential documents in the deal.

11:20-Noon Eric Johnson: "Everything You Need to Know About Dealership Ethics,
You Learned in Grade School"

This session will address common "scams" encountered in the F&I office (such as payment packing and power booking), and will provide solutions based on basic right/wrong principles, the NADA Code of Ethics, and the laws and regulations that govern these practices.

Lunch Sponsored by The Oak Group

1-1:30 Matthew Hilty: "Being a Leader of People in Today's Dealership"

Drawing from over a decade in the car industry, as well as his experience in business ownership, corporate sales, and law enforcement, Matt shares personal insights on how he succeeds as a manager and leader who builds confidence in colleagues at all levels. Understanding basic psychology and generational differences is key to developing leadership strategies that ensure personal success by building and fostering a team atmosphere that is crucial to the industry.

1:35-1:50     Jennifer Richter: "Every Product.  Every Customer. Every Time."

In this session, Jennifer will show you effective ways to increase your product penetration and change your advance with the finance company.

2-2:50 "Women in F&I" panel with Teasha McMillion, Cyndi Guillot, Alicia Ellis, and Stephanie Cooper

This interactive panel is an open discussion with four powerful F&I professionals, each of whom has incredible experience and expertise in the industry. They will be sharing advice that all F&I professionals can and should benefit from, with insight into the pressures of women in F&I and overcoming those obstacles.

3-3:50 Dan Mason: "Dirty, Little Secret"  

Dan’s “Dirty, Little Secret” is all about building value before you ever present a product. Dan will share his methods of building product value and the art of creating massive customer engagement to ensure friendly and successful transactions.

4:00 pm-Close "Knights of the Ethical F&I Roundtable" with Marv Eleazer, Dina Wilson, Dan Mason, Matthew Hilty, and Tony D

Marv Eleazer will be moderating a fine assemblage of world-class F&I knights, fielding questions, objections, and situations from a live audience, with no script or particular agenda. The only purpose is to offer real-time answers to attendee questions and concerns. The audience will be able to ask about the most troublesome F&I dilemmas via a smartphone app displayed on stage for the benefit of all. This interactive discussion will most likely extend beyond the usual 50-60 minutes, so we decided to end the conference with it. Get ready to sharpen your skills, and be prepared to take home some answers to problems you're dealing with, as soon as you return to the battlefield.

Let's slay some dragons with our own swords of Excalibur!